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New 4Life Transfer Factor® study

A study was recently published on Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor Formula in the Austin Journal of Clinical Pathology. The Austin Journal of Clinical Pathology is an open access, peer reviewed journal that publishes recent developments in Clinical Pathology.

The article is titled “Antigen-Specific Immunomodulatory Effects of Transfer Factor.” The study was written by Dr. Vetvicka, a professor at the University of Louisville. The study was conducted at the Medgaea Life Sciences Institute, an independent, third party lab that specializes in functional testing of dietary supplements. The researchers looked at the way colostrum and egg yolk-derived transfer factors stimulate the immune system.

The final paragraph of the article reads: “In conclusion, we found evidence that the effects of supplementation with TF resulted in stimulation of both the cellular and humoral branches of immunity. Clearly, colostrum- and/or egg-derived transfer factors possess an interesting and substantial immunostimulating capacity. This modulation of immune responses can potentially be used in stimulation of defense reactions.” The study found that these transfer factors have significant potential to modulate specific immune responses.*

One of 4Life’s main three pillars is science, and we are proud of our scientifically backed products. This study is just one more reason to love 4Life Transfer Factor®!

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Our manufacturer, 4Life Research announced a price change starting October 1, 2018 that will affect all web sellers of 4Life products. From now on, all wholesale options and all discount packages will only be available directly through 4LIFE's website. 

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